An open source, public blockchain project focused on developing a digital asset management platform for multiple applications, initially supporting charitable organizations.

Project Heritage is our first blockchain project and consists of a decentralized application on the Ethereum blockchain, which will provide the Airbus Foundation, the charitable branch of Airbus, with the means to accept and manage donations for itself and charitable partners. Heritage readies our organization to enter the decentralized market while addressing needs in an underserved market - charity. Our core mission with this project is to bring transparency and trust back to charitable organizations, while potentially developing use-cases that align with our business needs. We believe blockchain has the potential to improve workflow and efficiency, and we’re excited to see how this project develops as we continue to build relations with charitable organizations and explore various uses for this nascent technology. The Airbus Foundation plans to integrate Heritage products with an internal fundraising platform to commemorate the foundation’s 10th anniversary. We plan to release the blockchain portions of the project as open source under the BSD 3 license. Following the Airbus Foundation implementation, Heritage will seek to apply the blockchain-based digital asset management platform to other business challenges within Airbus.



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