Imagine a world without boundaries, free of constraints. It’s a place to innovate, to discover, to create, to explore. Enter this world with your eyes wide open, with your ideas intact as you journey into the unknown. Dare to redefine the future.

We are the Silicon Valley outpost of Airbus, a global leader in aviation and aerospace innovation. We believe that the future is created through episodic disruption with intervening periods of incremental innovation. Our mission is to build the future of flight now.

We solve big problems by employing world-class experts and by developing fertile partnerships. Our projects are built on rigorous analysis, novel insights, and commitment to unreasonable goals.

Exploration is unsettling, and only when we disrupt Airbus, its competitors, and the entire industry will we consider our goals achieved and our mission a success. Join us on our bold voyage.



Zsolt Lattmann

Project Executive - ADAM

Travis Mason

VP and Head of Regulatory and Certification, UAM, Airbus

Clement Monnet

CEO, Voom Flights, an Airbus Company

Jane Jackalope

Project Executive

Rob Keele

General Counsel

Theresa Bruno

VP of Operations and Head of Shared Services

Zach Lovering

Vice President of UAM Systems, Airbus

Arne Stoschek

Project Executive - Wayfinder

Alex Sherbuck

Project Executive - Heritage