Project Wayfinder is building scalable, certifiable autonomy systems to power self-piloted aircraft applications throughout Airbus, from small urban air vehicles (aka air taxis) to large commercial airplanes. Our team of experts is driving the maturation of machine learning and other core technologies for autonomous flight; we are creating a reference architecture that includes hardware, software, and a data-driven development process to allow aircraft to perceive and react to their environment. Autonomous flight is transforming the transportation industry - our team is at the heart of this revolution.

System and Certification Engineer
Sunnyvale, CA

As a System and Certification Engineer, you will report to the Chief Engineer at Wayfinder. You will support a rapidly growing team in the development of complex systems involving both software and hardware. You will be responsible for charting and executing a path toward the certification of an autonomy system for a range of products including Urban Air Mobility (i.e. air taxis) and commercial aircraft, using a balanced approach between legacy systems and cutting-edge technologies and new operational concepts enabling their integration within the existing regulatory framework. You will be working closely with technical, certification, safety, and security experts, as well as regulatory agencies worldwide. 



  • Define a certification basis with the team, balancing regulatory requirements against new innovative systems and certification procedures
  • Drive certification and operational requirements and ensure compliance with applicable rules and regulations
  • Develop and maintain well organized project proposals, project specific certification plans, and safety documents
  • Ensure timely completion of all required analyses, test plans, and reports needed for certification
  • Serve as Wayfinder’s interface with internal and external stakeholders, including industry committees (e.g. RTCA), FAA, and EASA


  • Bachelor’s degree in aerospace and/or system engineering or a related discipline
  • 8+ years of professional experience in aerospace certification and/or functional safety
  • Extensive experience working with the FAA or other regulatory agencies
  • Expertise with 14 CFR Part 23, Part 25, Part 91, Part 135, and other relevant regulations
  • Knowledge of aerospace standards (ARP4754, ARP476, DO-160, DO-178, DO-254) 
  • Demonstrated deep knowledge of safety rated avionics systems or safety rated aviation software development
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills (strong coordination and relational skills to work with regulators, internal and external partners)


Strongly preferred qualifications:

  • Experience with certified hardware (camera, radars, computers) and software 
  • Experience as a Designated Engineering Representative (DER), or working in a similar capacity