Airbus UTM (formerly known as Altiscope)

Through research, simulations, and industry collaboration, Airbus UTM (formerly Altiscope, an A3 by Airbus project) is building digital air traffic management solutions to enable the next age of aviation. Under the umbrella of Airbus UAM, Airbus UTM will design, develop, and build the critical infrastructure necessary to allow new aircraft, including air taxis and delivery drones, to safely enter and share the skies of our future. Not only is Airbus UTM able to leverage Airbus’ decades-long history of technological excellence in aviation, the team is also expanding on the already established relationships with the regulatory & industry organizations critical to successfully deploying a comprehensive UTM framework. These relationships and research advancements led to the development and publication of both Blueprint for the Sky and the Preliminary Community Perception Study. Airbus UTM will continue to advance the industry with continued research and simulations, while simultaneously developing its suite of products and services.

Lead Software Engineer
Sunnyvale, CA

Our Mission

Join us as we build the digital traffic management solutions enabling the new era of autonomous flying vehicles!

The aerospace industry is moving incredibly quickly with innovations in aircraft types, sizes, and flight capabilities. In order to support this growth, a more modernized and scalable approach to air traffic control is needed.

At Airbus UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management), we are designing, developing, and building the critical infrastructure necessary to allow new aircraft, including air taxis and delivery drones, to safely enter and share the skies of our future! We are a collaborative group, teaming with regulators, industry organizations, and manufacturers from around the world to develop a unified language and vision for the interoperable, global deployment of digital traffic management.

We’ve come together with a passion to build a safe, scalable and efficient infrastructure to transport the people and goods of tomorrow - Come join us!

Lead Software Engineer

Lead Software Engineers are the heart of our development team. As a hands-on senior technical leader, you will be designing, building and refining new distributed microservices and applications with your team of experienced engineers. Our product and aerospace experts are there to support you as well with the goal of producing robust software with a high degree of quality and industry best practices.

We have envisioned several green field projects that need your judgement and discretion to identify technologies to use and techniques to implement in order to excel at our ambitious goals. As a Lead Engineer, your software accomplishments will directly shape the future of unmanned flight.


  • Design and build customer and industry-facing distributed services and platform components supporting the future of unmanned flight.
  • Exhibit technical leadership and initiative in the design and execution of new development and product features for multiple projects.
  • Develop requirements with aerospace domain partners, then design and execute on those with your service development team.
  • Produce high-level technical designs, gather requirements and rapidly prototype new components.
  • Take ownership of both existing service products and lead new green-field projects.
  • Advocate for quality delivery, testing, and maintainability.
  • Communicate with the team both directly and by utilizing effective documentation.
  • Mentor for junior colleagues to advance the team’s overall abilities.
  • Work with our DevOps Team to ensure reliable, repeatable and high-quality deployment and maintenance operations.


  • Be a generalist with experience in diverse technologies and technical challenges, in services development, systems engineering and distributed infrastructure.
  • Have experience in technologies including Python, Golang "Go", Javascript, ReactJS, Django REST framework, Kubernetes, Docker, Google Cloud, Azure, MySQL, Postgres, and more.
  • Hands-on coder (at least 70% of the time)
  • Possess a working knowledge of distributed services from their design and implementation to operational and scalability needs.
  • Have a desire to work with an ambitious team in a fast-paced environment with strong values in sustainable development.
  • Have 5-10 years experience developing scalable software and distributed web PaaS/SaaS applications.

Come fly with us!

  • Airbus UTM is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace celebrating unique talents, backgrounds, and differences.
  • We’re dedicated to building a healthy and sustainable culture, while solving big problems that really matter.
  • We take care of our people, offer work life balance, have excellent benefits, generous PTO, quarterly bonuses, excellent medical benefits, catered lunches provided regularly, and offer cool perks like flight training!!   
  • We are located in Sunnyvale CA, a short walk from the Sunnyvale CalTrain Station.