Senior Talent Manager
San Jose, CA

At A3, we execute projects and foster partnerships. Projects are ambitious, risky, time-constrained undertakings that culminate in a demonstration at convincing scale—something that’s more than a mere prototype, but somewhat short of a product. A3 partnerships — with startups, established companies, and research institutions — power our projects and allow us to work successfully within the Silicon Valley ecosystem. They often connect our parent company to new developments and talent here too. We also strive to partner with different elements of Airbus to serve as transition targets for projects that emerge from A3.

A3 by Airbus is the Silicon Valley outpost of Airbus. The mission of Airbus is to make things fly. Our job at A3 is very simple: we seek to disrupt Airbus (and the competition) before anyone else can. And in the process, we are setting out to build the future of flight. 

As our Senior Talent Manager , you will report directly to the Vice President of Operations and Head of Shared Services  and be responsible for leading the overall recruiting and sourcing vision while building recruiting infrastructure to support a long-term scalable recruiting strategy for A³.


To get specific, your responsibilities will be to:

  • Lead the full candidate lifecycle experience sourcing candidates, interviewing, internal stakeholder management and partnerships, employer branding, offer and onboarding.
  • Create and implement recruiting vision and strategy
  • Partner with leaders to strategically balance and prioritize recruiting resources to meet fluctuating business needs throughout the year.
  • Leverages technology (talent systems, dashboards, and metrics) to proactively and regularly inform business partners on talent supply levels and current activities.
  • Provide direction and consultation on emerging trends impacting and influencing attraction and acquisition within critical talent segments
  • Create and implement workforce planning strategy across all projects and functions
  • Work with Legal and Compliance to ensure our tools, recruiting and interview processes are compliant
  • Responsible for team management of internal and external recruiters
  • Create brand strategy consistent with our communications strategy and guidelines
  • Responsible for recruiting based on hiring needs (approx 50%)

We expect you to have an advanced university degree and at least seven years of progressively ambitious work experience in recruiting and talent management.  You will need to be extremely organized, task-oriented, and methodical to build a smooth operating support function. We need you to be approachable and internalize the idea that Shared Services is a “service” delivery department focused on speed and user experience. Ultimately, we need someone who becomes the person everyone else at A³ turns to for the answer (regardless of their question).

Some of the qualities that we looking for are:

  • Strategic Do-er
  • Customer focused
  • Attention to detail
  • Prior Talent Acquisition leadership experience with start-ups, large international corporations, or with the military
  • A strong sense of urgency
  • A regard for necessary process mixed with a healthy skepticism for bureaucracy

We need you to be technology savvy and adaptable, so you can develop new solutions that match the evolving nature of A³’s start-up business model. Ultimately, we need you to be able to convey the fun, excitement, and fast pace of A³ to potential employees and increase the overall employment brand of A³.

By the way, you might be interested to know that we offer a killer benefits package as well as a flight training benefit, just in case you don’t already have your pilot’s license!

A3 by Airbus is an equal opportunity employer in every category. The data is incontrovertible that diversity leads to better teams, better performance, and better results. Consequently, we actively seek candidates of all genders, backgrounds, and experiences.

All job offers at A3 are contingent upon the candidate passing an export control check.